Biography Edit

Miranda Johnson (born January 23, 1992) is the daughter of Bill and Marcella Johnson. She is their eldest daughter before her sister Tweetybird Johnson. She is the childhood crush of Blood Nightfall and Jet Smith.

Season 1 Edit

Miranda Johnson is first seen with Blood Nightfall, making music in his garage. During the beginning for a brief time she is dating Jet Smith. She has a crush on Blood Nightfall and does not know he likes her back. Eventually, Miranda confesses her feelings to Blood and they begin dating. However, it does not end well after her mother bans her from dating Blood because of his bad boy image. Miranda begins dating H20 Evans after her mother forces her to date him and she eventually develops feelings for him.

Personality Edit

Miranda is shown to be compassionate and caring. She is shown to be very likable and popular among her peers at school regardless of who she hangs out with. She can be seen as snobby and stuck up at times but usually tries to give people the benefit of the doubt. As she gets older, she becomes more strong and not so dependent on her looks to get her far.

Appearance Edit

Miranda has dyed purple hair and brown eyes. Her natural hair color is light brown. She is very tall and slender as she is a supermodel. She is described as the most beautiful girl in the world by many magazines as well as being the number one girl on the international Hot List.