Biography Edit

Emerald Blackwood (born February 24, 1902) is the partner and wife of Daryl Nightfall. She is also one of the few surviving shapeshifters left in the Underworld making her the most powerful shapeshifter in the world.

Background Edit

Emerald was born to wealthy parents who somewhat neglected her due to their busy schedules. She attends a private high school and graduates top of her class. She meets Daryl during her high school years and despises him at first. They become friends during senior year. She is asked to prom by John Hutcherson and during prom he rapes her in the closet. She is saved by Daryl who causes the school to burn down due to his power. After she is saved, she turns cold and untrusting of everyone. She vows to have revenge on those who have hurt her and runs away with Daryl, who promises her power.