"They want my permission, huh, well be sure to tell them this: They are either with me or against me, if they are not fighting with me then they are automatically my enemies...and I will not show mercy when I destroy them and anyone else in my way" Edit

Biography Edit

Daryl Nightfall (born December 23, 1902) is the father of Blood and Violet Nightfall. His ultimate goal is to be King of the Underworld.

Season 3 Edit

Daryl Nightfall is first seen in Season 3 but spoken about since Season 1. He is seen when Mist Cobain updates him on the progress of Blood, since he plans to take over the Underworld.

He kidnaps Blood and H20, who were experimented on by Rob for Daryl's plan to take control of the Underworld. Daryl forced Rob to create the Grim in order to have a weapon he could control.

Season 4 Edit

During the season, Daryl kidnaps Jesse Stark, who had the Grim revived in her due to Blood changing her into a demon. Taylor McKee rescues her and meets Daryl for the first time.

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